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We are excited to have our fourth New York Comic con  here reporting on the 2015 New York Comic Con! Held at the Javits Center in Midtown Manhattan during October 8-11, it was a super action packed weekend.

Beginning with a panel from the woman behind the Twilight series, Stephenie Meyer was celebrating 10 years of Twilight. The discussion included the evolution of the twilight series and what new works will be coming from Stephenie. She answered many of the fans questions regarding any continuation of the series. It was announced by Stephenie that she had no plans on continuing the series and will be focusing on her next work.

On Thursday, Sean Bean (Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings) made his first Con appearance at this year’s New York Comic Con. Attendees got an exclusive look at the first episode of the new season of Legends, along with an opportunity to hear from Bean and executive producer Ken Biller about the completely revamped show’s return. Bean stars as an undercover agent whose world is turned upside down when he discovers that the life he knew – including his name – has all been a lie. Now on the run for a murder he didn’t commit, he searches for his true identity, following a trail that takes him to London and the European continent, where he discovers a dark and violent past that holds the key to his future survival

On Friday Jeff Hephner (Interstellar, Maid in Manhattan) introduced an exclusive sneak peek of TNT’s exciting new series Agent X, in which he stars with Sharon Stone and Gerald McRaney. In times of extreme crisis, when traditional law and government aren’t in a position to help, there is an unseen hand that works to protect this country and its citizens from all manner of threats by any means necessary. Hidden from the view of the public – and even from the President – there is a top secret agent (Hephner) who is trained and ready to serve, deployed only at the careful discretion of the Vice President (Stone).

Next on the list was an exclusive preview of a new program with Destination America called EXORCISM:LIVE!. A network dedicated to all-American entertainment will revisit the frightening house that inspired the iconic movie The Exorcist with a live paranormal investigation, séance, and exorcism. The live event will take place at the original Exorcist House in the suburbs of St. Louis, where the infamous ritual was performed on Roland Doe in 1949. In the 66 years since, no one has ever attempted to banish the demonic entities that inhabit this home… until now! EXORCISM: LIVE! Airs Friday, October 30 at 9/8c on Destination America.

Psychic medium and paranormal expert CHIP COFFEY, Ghost Asylum star CHRIS SMITH, renowned ghost hunter NICK GROFF, and many more gave insight to their own encounters with paranormal activities and their preparation for entering the frightening possessed house.

On Saturday ABC Family gave an exclusive look at one of their new series Shadowhunters based on the best selling novel by Cassandra Clare known as the Mortal Instruments. Both the cast and Cassandra made their appearances at this year’s Comic Con answering fan questions on relations between the novel and what will be seen on the new TV series. Cassandra also gave a sneak peak of her new novel Lady Midnight: The Dark Artifacts set to come out March 8, 2016.

Next was another panel sneak peak into the latest blockbuster film starring Vin Diesel called The Last Hunter set to hit theaters October 23, 2015. The panel included stars Vin Diesel, Elijah Wood, Rose Leslie, and Director Breck Eisner. Some exclusive clips of the film were shown and questions from fans were answered by the star panel.

Lastly, Her Universe Founder and Star Wars actress Ashley Eckstein made a big announcement launching their publishing company and calling upon aspiring writers. Ashley also announced the publishing of her new fan fiction book called The Confidence Chronicles and Weirdest by Heather Nuhfer. The panel included Anne Convery, Dave Filoni, Heather Nuhfer, Melinda Hsu Taylor, Amy Tanenbaum, and Anthony Ziccardi Many great questions from fans and aspiring writers were answered.

On the last Super Sunday WGN America brought it’s highly anticipated heroic thriller “Underground” to the comic con. This new series is slated to premiere in 2016. In the gripping original series “Underground,” bravery, ingenuity and power take center stage as plantation slaves band together in the fight of their lives for their families, their futureand most importantly, their freedom. In 1857, a courageous man named Noah organizes a small team of fellow slaves on the Macon Plantation, and puts together a plan to escape and head 600 dangerous miles North, to freedom. The odds of success are slim and for those who make it off the plantation, the risks and uncertainties of life on the run multiply. The sacrifices are immense as they leave family behind to pay for their bold escape. They’re aided along the way by an abolitionist couple in Ohio, new to running a station on the Underground and unprepared for the havoc it will wreak on their personal lives, all the while being pursued by a ruthless mercenary catcher hell-bent on bringing them back, dead or alive.

“Underground” is created and written by Misha Green (“Sons of Anarchy,” “Heroes”) and Joe Pokaski (“Heroes,” “Daredevil”), who serve as Executive Producers alongside Academy Award-winning writer Akiva Goldsman (“A Beautiful Mind,” “I Am Legend”) of Weed Road Pictures; Tory Tunnell (“King Arthur,” “Holy Rollers”) and Joby Harold (“King Arthur,” “Edge of Tomorrow”) of Safehouse Pictures. Anthony Hemingway (“The Wire, “Treme”) directs and executive produces. Visionary artist and producer John Legend, Academy Award and Golden Globe winner and nine-time Grammy winning singer-songwriter, and his Get Lifted partners Mike Jackson and Ty Stiklorius are on board to executive produce as well. Additionally, Get Lifted will oversee the score, soundtrack, and all music aspects of the series.soundtrack, and all musical aspects of the series.

This powerful series is bringing light to the real superheroes of the historic tale of the Underground Railroad taught in American history. It tells the true stories of those slaves escaping to freedom. The show will inspire and educate all while keeping the audience on the edge of their seats engaging to watch what happens next.

The panel for this upcoming series included the creators and writers Misha Green and Joe Pokaski. Stars of the show Jurnee Smollett-Bell, Aldis Hodge, Jessica De Gouw, Alano Miller, Amirah Vann, and Marc Blucas. Great questions asked my engaging fans were answered.

The last super panel entitled A Force for Good: The Powerful Partnership Between Mental Health and Pop Culture. With the awareness of pop culture’s power to help people with mental illnesses, reaching new heights, from celebrated depictions of superhero struggles to the personal stories of  the  creators themselves. Inspiring speakers discussed how comics can be a force for good in mental health.

The speakers included: Jenny Jaffe (founder of Project UROK), Vasilis K. Pozios, M.D. (Broadcast Thought), H. Eric Bender, M.D., actor and writer Mara Wilson, Praveen R. Kambam, M.D., Janina Scarlet, Ph.D. (Superhero Therapy), Latina feminist mental health activist Dior Vargas (The People of Color & Mental Illness Photo Project), Darryl Cunningham (Science Tales, Psychiatric Tales), MizCaramelVixen of and #BlackComicsMonth, and moderator Jeff Trexler (Broadcast Thought).

Project UROK is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to create funny, meaningful videos for teenagers struggling with mental health issues, made by people who have been there before.

Founded by Jenny Jaffe (CollegeHumor), the site officially launched in April of 2015 and features a variety of honest, funny and relatable videos for young adults recounting their struggles with mental health. Project UROK ultimately strives to be an interactive, all-encompassing source of teen mental health resources, encouraging users to upload their own videos and share their experiences on the site’s message boards. Among others, Project UROK features a video from Mara Wilson, a New York-based writer, performer, storyteller, and the host of the monthly show “What Are You Afraid Of?”

Overall, we had super fun seeing some inspiring and great panel discussions along with a few sneak previews of upcoming entertainment that inspires at the 2015 New York Comic Con!

Blow are pictures and video  that I took from New York Comic Con 2015 and backstage at the press interview lounge room. Please Do NOT TAKE, Ask permission first if you want to use the photo or video. THANKS ©! 

Hanging out with Starwars Rabels cast Ashley Eckstein and Director for Starwars Dave Filoni at Her Universe panel talk

Hanging out with Starwars Rabels cast Ashley Eckstein and Director for Starwars Dave Filoni at Her Universe panel talk

Me and My friend Erin meeting with

Me Interviewing Sean Bean

Me Interviewing Sean Bean



Me and My friend Erin meeting with

Me and My friend Erin meeting with Stephenie Meyer, author who wrote Twilight series 

Me and My friend Diana with the Cast of EXORCISM LIVE with at NYCC backstage interview room CHIP COFFEY (psychic medium) NICK GROFF (ghost hunter)


Me and My friend with Cast of EXORCISM LIVE with JODI TOVAY (executive producer) at the backstage

IMG_8412Teen Wolf Panel


IMG_8339 (1)
NICK GROFF (ghost hunter) CHRIS SMITH (Ghost Asylum star)



Me with R2-D2

R-2 D2
IMG_8516 (1)
The Last Witch Hunter panel with Vin Diesel !
Thank You to Vin Diesel for the free movie ticket for the The Last Witch Hunter
IMG_8656 (1)
With Starwar Director Dave FiloniHe is also an executive, producer on the brand new series, Star Wars Rebels
Me with Ashley Eckstein from Star Wars Rebel at NYCC 2015 backstage
Thank You to Ashley Eckstein for signing my press badge !!!!!!
IMG_8699 (1)
Me and Dave Filoni Director of Star Wars

me and Melinda Hsu Taylor

IMG_8437 (1)


IMG_8454 (1)


IMG_8481 IMG_8494 IMG_8562 IMG_8582 (1) IMG_8659 IMG_8671 IMG_8680IMG_8761 IMG_8762 IMG_8765 IMG_8771 IMG_8772

The cast of underground

The cast of underground


Me with Marc Blucas from the cast Underground backstage at NYCC
Me with Marc Blucas from the cast Underground backstage at NYCC


Me with Aldis Hodge from the cast of Underground
Me with Aldis Hodge from the cast of Underground

IMG_8786 IMG_8789 IMG_8791 IMG_8793 IMG_8794 IMG_8800 IMG_8805

The cast of Underground
The cast of Underground

IMG_8825 IMG_8857 IMG_8863 IMG_8865

View from the press room at NYCC 2015 !
View from the press room at NYCC 2015 !

IMG_8914 IMG_8924

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Twilight panel with Stephanie Meyer #Nycc

#Twilight panel with Stephanie Myers part 2

Twilight meeting w Stephanie Myers

With Jeff Hephner in a new show Agent X

EXORCISM press I review !! #nycc

EXORCISM press panel interview #nycc day 2

Teen wolf panel live wth the cast #nycc day2

Shadowhunters panel at #nycc day3

Shadowhunters panel #nycc day3

#nycc day3 crazy !!

The Witch Hunter panel with #Vin Diesel #nycc day 3

The Last Witch Hunter panel with #Vin Diesel #nycc day 3 #katch ❤️❤️ part 2

Her universe press panel with Ashley Eckstein #nycc day 3

Her universe press panel with Ashley Eckstein #DaveFiloni #Starwars nycc day 3 #katch part2🌟🌟❤️

Her universe press panel with Ashley Eckstein #nycc day 3 #katch how to get an agent for ur book publish 📖📖📖

Underground at #nycc day4

#Underground panel the new show at #nycc day4

Underground the new show at #nycc day4 #katch fan ?s time !!

A force of Good panel #nycc day 4

A force of Good #mental #health #popculture panel #nycc day 4

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{March 2, 2015}   Comfort Food

Hungry anyone? I’m inspired by cooking so I can be creative with my food and make it a piece of artwork. It’s very important to me that food tastes good, but looks good from the naked eye. Most people consider cooking as a way to live, so they don’t starve. This is not the case for me. Chopping, stirring, kneading the dough, even smashing food (ex: mashed potatoes) are ways for me to release stress and be creative at the same time.

Below are all the homemade food I have made for my friends and family!

                    Stuffed Pepper                              Stuffing inside the pepper

     Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 3.37.35 PMScreen Shot 2015-03-02 at 3.37.23 PM

Twisted Noodle Veggie with Meat Baked

Mac & Cheese 
Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 3.38.43 PM

Traditional Chinese Food

Scallion  Pancakes

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 3.38.07 PM

My friend’s Karen famous traditional Mexican Empanada

Before pan fry Raw Empanada    After Pan Fry Cooked Empanada

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 3.41.25 PM Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 3.41.17 PM

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{December 8, 2014}   My Dream Job

Hello, Everybody I am back ! 

My Dream Job

I am a pop culture enthusiast. One of my many dream jobs is to work in the entertainment industries. Not only that, I want to work in a field that allows me to be creative. I LOVE reading about current events, watching and listening to pop culture news.

I am applying for the position writer for the Lance Bass show called “Dirty Pop Live”.

Here is the process to apply for the position.

Upload your video application (60 seconds or less). Introduce yourself and then pitch a really great original idea for a recurring segment on Lance’s radio show.”

(i.e.: Jimmy Fallon has his ‘Thank You Notes’ and Jimmy Kimmel has his ‘Celebrity Mean Tweets’)?

This job application is for a website called Dream Jobbing. It‘s an opportunity for me (Susan Hu) to interview for Lance Bass’ Dirty Pop radio station as a writer.

I have worked very hard on this project. This is one of my work showcase videos to show you what I am about. Please vote for me!

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Thank you for all your time!

Susan Hu 

Screenshot from my video application !!!

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 7.41.40 PM

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 7.39.48 PM



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