Music, writing lyrics and produce mix beats are my 1st passion of all.

I am a writer / Reporter for Top Celebrity Entertainment News, at Wtvonline Networks.

I’ve also earned my Associate Degree in Music Business/Marketing/Production, and soon will have a degree in Entertainment Business Bachelor Degree from Full Sail University.

As a Hobby I love to write songs/lyrics. I’ve also done music marketing for local band in my area for them have some gigs play in the local clubs.

I also have the passion and love for music. I am a Music, concert freak girl. I love going to all kind of concert whether it’s from Pop concert, to TV show of Dancing with the Star, American Idol, Dance crew shows Jazz-Rock, R&B, Country concerts.  Just about any concerts come to my town and will try to get ticket to the show.

My contact info email:


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