{September 15, 2013}   Did you know hand lotions can act as a makeup removal ?

Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 2.17.36 PM Girls Girls Girls …

What do you do when you don’t have a Makeup Remover wet wipes handy?

Can’t use water!
What do you do than?
When you use water it smudges all over your face and getting gross make up all over yourself… well I got solutions for you.. Here are the steps to REMOVE YOUR MAKE UP IN A SAFE WAY!



Here is a some tips and steps to remove your make up in a safe way without water

Step 1. –> First find a bottle of any kind of lotions ( either for face, your hands ) it don’t matter!  ( I prefer this kind ) !


step 2–>  Put a dap of lotion on a piece of a napkin or toilette paper



step 3 –> Use your finger and take some lotions from the napkin and put on your finger


step 4–> Close your one eye and put it on the eyelid and eyelashes  or your your face..smooth it out till you can’t see the lotions.



step 5–> Take the napkin  or the toilette paper and wipe it off


step 6 –> close your one eye that you just clean to look in the mirror



step 7 –>to see if you took the makeup off on the paper ( it should show on the paper )



step 8–>

whoola you just take your makeup off by using lotions method

( Never had to buy a makeup removal towel again )


–> Wash Your face and YOU GOT A CLEAN FACE with a makeup off your face into the napkin !


** There you go 8 simple steps do yourself makeup removal without spending money for those expensive makeup towel removal every again.. **


Written and Credit Susan Hu

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