{September 13, 2013}   Justin Timberlake & JayZ puts on the hottest show for the summer 2013 !

DSCN5916Legends of Summer tour was joined by JayZ and Justin Timberlake were the Two of the biggest artists in the Pop/ Hip Pop history had finally ended their summer tour Friday night August 16ths was their last stop in Miami, Florida many of the fans were sadden this tour has ended.

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All over all the show was an epic JayZ and Justin both open the song with their newest latest single title called Holy Grail among other songs, the set list has broken down to three sections.  The First segment were joined by both JayZ and JT shared one stage singing

I Just wanna Love you

(Give it to me), follow by “Excuse me Miss, Justin sings the hook lines, and after that went immediately into I want you back /Izzo song were among the set list songs was performed at the show.

After that song it went into melodies of songs from Justin newest album called 20/20 experience, He sings songs like “Tunnel Vision,  “, Mirror”,  “Suit & Tie”, “Push love Girl “. Justin also performs some of the songs from the previous album Future love sex sound, and in the middle of the songs such as “Cry me a river”, “Summer love” sections for the show as well as both singers engaged the fans to the highest level of craziness somewhat each of as well as special guest Timbaland joined on the song Sexyback. Justin’s fans and JayZ fans were singing to both songs and having a great time.

Not only that in the middle of the show each of the band member’s from Justin Timberlake’s own back up band called  (Tennessee and the Kids) showcases off his or her own talent and skills, among the bunch all were very talented especially one stood out for me is my good friend by the name of Elliot Ives.

He is a guitarist for Justin Timberlake, every night when he took the stage he turn the energy up to another notch its just electrifying just to watched Elliot rocked his electric guitar up on stage, each night he just brought the house down to a new level on stage its just incredible to see him fly solo for a few minutes with his long hair flowing and flying all over his face bobbing his head side to side up and down overall he is just a great amazing performer adding on to the band.  Sadly he cut his hairs short but regardless of that he still amazing performer it’s not about the long hair dude it’s about how much he can bring the house down with just strumming the guitar with a force of energy that no one had ever seen! All around a great performer.

After a few Justin’s own songs than it was JayZ turn to take the stage he performs some of the old songs including “hard Knock Life”, “Dirty Off your Shoulder”. Almost toward end of the show Justin joined it again on stage singing “Tom Ford” their final song of the night, both singer dedicated this song “Forever Young “ to Trayvon Martin and his family. This is a truly an unforgettable moment to cherish to see the entire stadium lights up with either lighters/ phones in unties definable it’s a breathtaking scene to remember forever in our mind.

Finally did for the last show closer did it turn into a NSYNC Reunion? Justin’s best close friends and band mates were there to cheer him on. Nsync Band members Lance Bass, Chris Kirkpatrick, Joey Fatone were all there to support his own band mates Justin except for JC Chasez.

JC Chasez was working on his own venture and project could not be with them at the time. I am sure JC would want to support his band mates from NSYNC.  All the fans were extremely overjoyed and excited to know there were 4 out of 5 NSYNC members under the same roof to support Justin at his very last show with JayZ.

The question remains will ever there be a NSYNC Reunion ever we will all have to wait till Justin’s own tour 20/20 experiences tour in the fall to find out if there is one.  Fans can only hope at this point. We are all just happy to see Joey, Chris, and Lance there to support Justin for this.

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Written and Credit Susan Hu

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