{May 9, 2013}   Knowing the In and outs at the Tribeca Film Festival 2013

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Are you a movie music or just want to see your favorite celebrity directors, or wants to learn more about what goes on the other side of the filming a movie with talk many directors to get their expertise about the movie making world.  Well you have come to the right place to watch and enjoy the director talk sessions Tribeca Film Festival.

At the Tribeca Film Festival there are many interesting movies to see such as Adult World, yes the movie title does throw the audience off but it’s not what you think it is not the dirty porn movie. (Get your mind out the gutter! would ya)

Actually, this movie is an interesting concept about a young woman trying to make it in the entertainment writing /creative world as a professional career.

Adult World is base on a story on a girl name Amy just fresh out of college and looking to get into the writing and entertainment business, but dispute of her parents disapproval of keep trying on getting her material publish, and wanted her to get a real job in the real world.

At the same time Amy find it difficult to get herself into the publishing world, at the same she has to make living to support herself by being if meant working an Adult World store so beat it, as Amy continues to find her niches a way to get her poems publish and saw an opportunity at a book store to meet her life idol Rat Billing as she tries to approach him time after time finally he told Amy he would mentor her and as she was grateful but not that was all Rat Billing was using her for his own well having Amy as his own personnel maid to clean his house as part of the mentorship, not only that Rat Billing used her as a maid and try to destroy her own life by publish the poems she wrote in a book called “shit poems “ that people would read when they go to the toilet “.

Amy was very upset and angry at Rat Billing for doing that to her so she gave up and went on a quest as one of her co worker at Adult World suggests her to submit her work into a porn magazine as a contest. First she was reluctant to submit her work and entry, after her friends at the Adult World store encourage her to do so, Amy finally submit it one of her writing to the porn magazine at the end she ending getting the some of the money and get her material published to the public just the way she wanted at the same time she falls in love with the boy who works at the Adult World Store. This shows us young adults if you have a dream do not give up and goes for it and at the end it will pay off.

Another interesting movie I’ve seen is about the word of the originated “Teenage” how it came about what is mean to be a Teenager.

This movie starts out talking about the word Teenage originated back in 1954 and the World War II when most of the young kids between ages of 13-24 were shipped over to Europe and to fight for the country to die and fighting for the USA freedom. This is an interesting film discovering the true meaning of the world of Teenage and how it came about that the government doe wants to stop the motions of child labor and having a young adult experience what is like to be a “teenage child “ which later it was discovered to be effected and trouble some, some of the “teenage kids” gets into gangs, drugs selling and causing all kinds of trouble, as well as jobless kids rooming the streets to cause trouble, not till end of the time they were giving young adult in their 20s a chance to work in the work forces and trains them to work in the world forces.

Are you afraid of getting lost in the woods?  Well this next movie is a horror film called Mr. Jones, very similar to Blair Witch project movie, in a sense of the way that the lost in the woods effect and with the hut of the monster and the scarecrows by using that to tricks people into thinking that Mr. Jones is a scary creature that are mysterious moving alone in the woods and hunting down human beings as a prey.

Penny and Scott were also convinces that they have found the mysterious creatures living just few feet away from their small cottage house in the woods while they are trying to discover a newly live and comes to discover the truth about whom is Mr. Jones, as Penn and Scott continues searching in the woods, they found Mr. Jones house of cottage and at the same time found weird forms of scarecrows under their basement and through the tunnels of death feel whiles walking down there to discover the hidden truth of a voodoo doll they came to discover it was an evil little doll that they snag back to their own cottage and try to understand the myths of this Mr. Jones obsession of the scarecrows.

Penn and Scott finds out that the voodoo doll they had pick up was possessive and put the doll back after they realized they were being watched in and out from their own cottage house by Mr. Jones himself but he remains a mystery to the world on whom he is really is, its kind of like the “Big Foot” theory as of today remained unknown. At the end of Penny and Scott just move back to their normal everyday life and move back to where they are from in Southern California home.

Music fans, here is a one movie for you as well, this is based on a true story life of the Tim Buckley and how his son Jeff Buckley turns out to musically talented as his father is. Greeting from Tim Buckley, had me very interested in the life story of a rock star and their life style of living, not only this movie talks about a bit of history of Tim Buckley and that died of drug overdose before he had a chance to get to know his own son Jeff.

As on a discovery his own true talent Jeff his young intern Allie goes on a search into a deep meaning of himself and his father Tim, so they went to his old house and discover all kinds of records and history about his own father and the story goes on, Jeff began discover his own talent as musician very similar to his own father as Jeff was on a quest to sing his hearts out and dedicated songs to his late passing father as he played at the tribute concert to honor his father passing, not only he pleased the crows when he sang the renditions of the a cappella songs from Led Zeppelin after it everyone was wowed by the fact he nailed it not only that he has made his own father proud, shortly after that a few years later Jeff Buckley were   drawn at the Memphis around 2001.

Tribeca Film Festival not only just have films but they also have different events and parties for fans and press to go to enjoy such as Bombay Sapphire Imagination Series film and it was hosted by the Oscar Winner Adrien Brody and Geoffrey Fletcher and the sponsor event was brought to you by Bombay Sapphire.

This event was hosted by Adrien Brody announced the five finally winners of the Imagination series and one thing they all the film has a command saying was “ Don’t open it “ you might regret it saying and as the film maker have to use their own imagination to creating a short film out if it, there were very all different with cartoon like such as Crab, to the mysteries feel of the short film likes Concrete, to the love story called The Mr. Of a couple robbed the money and the husband come to find out when he opens the door all the cops are around him. This is show you even through it could be the same story line but the film itself is very different with one another.

The talk with a great way to getting to know the Directors and their passion about the movie which they were in for example with the Ben Stiller and Jay Roach talks, they focus more about the topic of how to direct a great film at the same time talking about what it takes to be a great director on set and off set wise. It is mostly by feeling and passion and drives to work behind the scene as vs. working on camera work. Perhaps a little of both talent would take it to the next level as Ben Stiller talked about how the movie “Meet The Fockers” how he was on and off camera working two different settings at the same time how to look like a pro of course there is the mishaps on set and how he deal with it.

Interesting enough, this is the first ever at Tribeca film festival they hosted a video game/ movie called Beyond Two Souls t (it’s a video game coming October 2013 for fans to play on their PS3 and its also teaching the audiences the choice between right or wrong as their play the game, as the director David Cage explains it all depend how you play this game, you can make some really good choices or really bad choices either way the players get to see the consequence of each choices, and the choices audiences makes could also teach them a life lesson on what to do or not to do in a reality life situation so it is an educational tag value to teach the young kids these days and the from making a right or wrong choices .

Ellen Page plays Jodie Holmes in the video game explain how difficult to play mufti characters as an actress not only she has to play the good choice character and turn herself in to a bad choice character in the video game.

As that is not hard enough she also talks about this is not like a regular movie where they shoot for a few days in a location and changed location, this is all shot in warehouse on top of that she has memorized 30-40 page of scripts and with different emotions, that goes into the development of the game itself, and with 360 camera all over and that she has shows us behind the scene what it looks like and how a video game is developed step by step by using different mental balls sensors in her faces  as well as other actors in the game.

This is all shot in a small close spaces where you constant have to use your own imaginary on what goes on a real life situations to make the audiences that play the game more enjoyable at the same time teaches the audiences about different life lessons they, makes in the video game either good or bad the players get to decide.

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