{May 19, 2012}   Who is the best of the best when comes to your favorite boy bands ?

Image credit to MTV site.

Music is an essential part of our life every day life, no matter if someone feels happy, sad, overly joy or even just simply being bored out their mind, but one thing we can all agree is on is music is a way of expression in every one’s life it’s a non escapable subject matter.

Why do I bother to bring this topic up you may ask?

People may or may not agree to me on this, back in the days of 90s to 2005 time period zone, is the time period when I’ve grow up with many of the great music period as known as the crucial time period of the “boy bands /girl bands era “ and Young Disney artist era “ some of the boy bands that were extreme well-known are Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, 98 Degrees, B2K, Boys II Men, BBMack, Hanson. The girl bands are Destiny Child, Spice Girls.

Most of the bands were in a rough competition with each other to gain acceptances of fans to their side of the faces the most two band in competition with one another is none other than BSB and NSYNC, often on with the two exactly the same type style of pop music and with the same time period zone is very hard to do, but over all the competition was very furs with the fans either you belong to NSYNC or BSB side, there is no in between, well at least that what it seems like to me.  All other bands such as 98 Degrees, B2K, Boys II Men, BBMack and Hanson were coming into the competition it makes music a very interesting taste, on which band will gain the most of the fans.

This trend has taken it turn over after a few years of  “boy bands break era” now we see the trend going back on track yet once again with today’s top two boy bands are in competitions on which bands are better yet again. Either The Wanted or One Direction and this time the differences both bands are from UK it’s the battle of the boy bands continues, with the younger version of Nsync, BSB wannabe be.  Wonder who is surfing  and who is on top of the chart.

It seems to me both are pretty much neck with each other simply because when you heard news about The Wanted not far behind with One Direction there is also news about them, its pretty hard to tell now who is on top, but with drought both band will have the competition and battle it by fans choice to see which fan picks which band to be their choice of fans.

I had to write this topic simply because I was intrigue by it and the interestingness of the fandom world on which band its better and which will survived at the end.  It seems to me not just I am intrigue by this subject matter, MTV recently have just done that on their website to have the fans vote for their favorite, on the battle of the boy bands on which band gets the fans votes which bands did not. All in all this is a very interest topic to talk about among friends .

Picture Credit to MTV Site , the official vote of the battle of the boy bands madness.

Written and Credit to Susan Hu

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