{May 4, 2012}   What is your favorite sport network , fans are you ready to rumble to see who won a Emmy Award 2012 ?!

Spots fan did you know there were a Sport Emmy Awardshow just dedicated for you?

* Photo at the end of the blog !

If you did not well then you in for a treat… to let you know that the Emmy indeed have a sport area just for the fans out there and the nice part is the Sport Emmy recognized the men and woman hard at work behind the scenes as well as the players themselves.

The night that won the biggest award was NBC Sports group snatching up 9 trophies out of the most of the any sports media companies for the second year in a row. Some of the award NBC Sport won was mostly in their football coverage as well as during Sunday Night Football won outstanding live sport coverage for 4ths year.

Not far behind was the ESPN network snatching up with 6 trophies, it was an epic night at the Sport Emmy Award show they dedicated the lifetime achievement award to Jack Whitaker he was a sport commentator announcers alone side with Jim Nantz on the play by play announcers on different several networks such as “ The NFL on CBS, NCAA College basketball and golf on CBS.” The night also belong with none other than Shaquille O’Neal who won for the award for studio analyst, inside the NBA on TNT.

Congratulations to all who have won the award that night, there are networks that have won includes Turner won 5 awards, Fox Sport Media Group won 5 awards, CBS won 4 awards, MLB Network won 3 awards, NFL Networks won 2 awards, as well as won 2 awards that night.

This event took place at Time Warner Building on April 30,2012, in New York City. I was lucky enough to worked for the event and be part of this special occasion.  This is truly a great and unforgettable experience not only that I saw what it takes to put a great production show all backstage as well as seen all the producers hard at work when the show was in motion not only that, I even have a chance to hold a real Emmy Award itself as the night went on, it gets better as I was working at the registrations area when I saw my idol Shaquille O’Neal, which I checked him in before the show starts, he was so nice and handsome and smiled at me.

The best part of the this is I can honestly say this are the best experiences any one could have to see the run down of a whole entire production goes into putting on an award show, from press line to backstage communications to onstage presenters to giving a timing to person who won on stage to talk, all that was planned carefully down to the T and wire to ensure there were no mishaps.

After an award show they were giving out a swag gift bag, I have swarmed the gift swag bag that Sports Emmy Award gave out that night was incredible and undeliverable with all the goodies in the bag and gift certificates were top of the notch from the industries items such as wine certificate,  $100 online gift certificates for an online shop all I can was Thank You and I am thankful to have this opportunity to worked at this event this past Monday.

Pictures below from the Sport Emmy Award show !

close up of Shaquille O’Neal

Shaquille O’Neal in the lobby

My backstage vip pass for the night !

Shaquille O’Neal ‘s enveloped
( I check him in before the show )

backstage look at the Emmy Award show !

The Emmy Award close up backstage before they gave it out to the winners !

our gift sag bag we get the end of the night, its so heavy !

all the things in our gift swag bag ! pretty neat huh !.

Written and Credit to Susan Hu

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