{April 24, 2012}   Imagine Your life with out a light bulbs, this Solar Champion movie will just show you that !

* Imagine life with out a light bulb !

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As a producer of this film, and writer of this blog susiessoups, to get the words out to help change the world a better place pleases help us spread the words about this movie as well as help us finished the film as well we need your help!. if you like you can also donated the money to us on the kick starter page and help us finished the film. Thank you! >

Let’s make a difference in this world ! 

Most parts of the world we live in as of today, we don’t have to worried about how to keep our home well lit up, where we can have a full on hot cooked meal or where the children or individual adults students   can studies at night with ambient of lights at their comfort of their own home without ever having to leave their home.

Why must I bring this topic up of how lucky we are in the world to have all the gadgets right in our hands including as simple as just switching the light on no matter where we are in our own comfortable home.

Do you know many people in the 3rd world countries as some example in the countries of around India, Southern America or even the Philippines that well over half of the populations do not have the ambient of lights at night in their own home where kids have to go to public places such as the airports, restaurants to studies and work on their assessments, instead each and of the families use kerosene nights?

The number will shock all you, as it well shocked me as well, the truth is it’s around 1.6 billion people without ambient lights each night in the 3rd world country where the children and adults individual adults have to go out to the well lighted public places to studies and work on their home work assignments. Not only that 1 Kerosene can of flume is equal to smoking 40 or more cigarettes at one time, that can’t be good for anybody’s lung.

The why I brought this up is because I am a producer and working on this movie called The Solar Champion, this film is A comedy film about a family of DREAMERS and inventors, as they search for the next Manny Pacquiao and the solar bulb invention, featuring SOLAR CHAMPIONS of the real world!  A WORK IN PROGRESS.

And take an a hilarious ride with the CHAMPION FAMILY from the HAPPYness VILLAGE in Manila. They try to get the word out on Daddy Champion’s (father) inventions. Most are ridiculous but one is a SOLAR BULB that will change their fate. The film will also feature SOLAR CHAMPIONS of the real world!

Their father, “Tatay Champion” is a 70 year old dreamer and a hopeless romantic who dreams of things that are impossible. One project that they have is to find the “next” Manny Pacquiao, a prized fighter who just earned $25 million dollars from his last fight. The search begins as they navigate their way in life.

In the end they all find inspiration from their father and the least likely place they expected it, and that they didn’t know it existed–from the prizefighter within themselves and the solar bottle bulb! “Your life will never be the same, when you find within you, the heart of a champion.””

Let me introduce the  producer for this movie are as follow !.

* Myself ( Susan Hu )!!!


She is the Communications / Social Media Director for the
International Film Festival Manhattan NYC (since 2011 present) with
the responsibility of marketing the fest through Twitter, Facebook
and all the social media outlets including word of mouth promotion.

Susan Hu works with Wtvnetworks ( since 2010 to present)
as celebrity writer/ red carpet interviewer. She has covered the
Mercedes Benz Fashion Week NYC 2011 NY Film Festival 2010, 2011, Black
Eyed Peas MTV Special Event 2011 and SAG Awards in LA 2011.
Susan is also an actress who recently worked on .the feature films:
“36 Saints”and “Bourne Legacy.

She recently done administration work for the ” Chix 6″ (Off Broadway
Musical) in NY , “36 Saints (Feature Film) in NY and Justin Timberlake
Open Golf Tournament in Las Vegas,LV 2011.

* Meet Paul!!!
PAUL DAVID MILLER- PRODUCER of MARKETING AND DISTRIBUTION (PMD).Paul David Miller has produced Sit A Spell Productions Cabaret, ‘You’ve Got Funny?!’, a stand up comedy competition (MOMENTUM Theatre project) ,’The Vagina Monologues’ (MTP). Paul has also directed numerous plays throughout his career, including: Neil Simon’s, ‘The Odd Couple’ (Lebanon Community Theatre), Eve Ensler’s ‘The Vagina Monologues’ (Red Barn Project), ‘Don’t Dress For Dinner’ (LCT, Asst. Director).
Although he has worked in film and commercials, Paul has an extensive background in theatre. Paul is the co-founder of MOMENTUM Theatre project (Pennsylvania), as well as, Sit A Spell Productions (NYC). Paul is thrilled to be joining the talented team of ‘The Solar Champion’ because it supports two of his favorite things: comedy and advocacy.
Meet Erin !!!
ERIN MAIREAD O’ KANE- PRODUCER of MARKETING AND DISTRIBUTION (PMD).Erin Mairead O’Kane is the Managing Director for the International Film Festival Manhattan. Erin has served as the Logistical Manager for the Indio Bravo Film Festival at the MOMA, Volunteer Coordinator for the IFP Film Week and marketing campaigns for films such as “I’m Reed Fish”, Red Roses and Petra” and World Wide Motion Picture’s Academy Press Tour Marketing specialist coordinating the logistical support for Danish actress Paprika Steen’s .Erin has acted in a several independent films, web series, and shorts, and enjoys writing in her free time.
Meet Luis!!!
LUIS PEDRON, PRODUCERHe has been in a business of supporting artists in the Tri-State NYC/NJ/CT area and from around the world. He has Co-Produced International Events that has helped out the community socially and economically since 2004. As a Media Person, Luis Pedron has been a freelance film critic and journalist who has covered the NY Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival, Slamdance Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival, AsianAmerican International Film Festival. He has also published, an online entertainment site (2004 – 2010), Planet Philippines NY NJ , an entertainment newsmagazine (2007 – 2009).
He is also the Co-Producer of the International event, Queens Asian Fest (2010 – present). Luis Pedron is the Co-founder and Festival Director of the INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL MANHATTAN, the co-founder and previous Festival Programmer for Soho International Film Fesitval NYC (2009 -2011). Luis is also an award winning short filmmaker his films had played in film festivals all over the world.
Meet Janice!!!
JANICE COLINA- ASSOCIATE PRODUCERJanice B. Colina came on board during the inception of the Mount Hope Project, Inc. in May 2011. At the time, she was currently setting up her own US-based non-profit organization called “Awareness Works” which she began with her colleague at the New York University Continuing Education and Professional Studies on Global Affairs. Her global immersion started at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, which continued on to overseas volunteer works in Papua New Guinea and Cambodia. This fueled her passion for affecting change, especially in communities in dire need of help. Having come from a developing country, she has leveraged the generous opportunity brought by the Mount Hope Project into a platform that aims to create sustainable projects that will help communities in the Philippines and countries worldwide.After her volunteer work overseas, Janice spent time in the Philippines to co-organize the successful Philippine film premiere of “The Mountain Thief” in February 2012. The funds raised were used to set up its local operations in the Philippines, the Mount Hope Initiative and the Scholarship Fund. She also held photography workshops for the children of the actors for the Mount Hope “Happyness Photo Project”, a pilot project that will showcase pictures taken by children from the dumpsite, to be exhibited in New York City, New York, as part of the fundraising for the Mount Hope Scholarship Fund. She is currently facilitating the launch of the upcoming scholarship program of the Mount Hope Initiative, Inc. in June 2012 and is working towards expanding operations in the US and beyond.
Meet Gerry!!!
GERRY BALASTA- WRITER/DIRECTORWhile working with children with disabilities as an Occupational Therapist, Gerry pursued a career in filmmaking, a life-long passion. Inspired by a vision of sharing the spirit of people in Manila living in extreme poverty, he completed courses in film production at New York University-SCPS.
Gerry went to the Philippines, where he was born and raised and instituted an acting workshop open to the scavenger-residents of the Philippine’s largest garbage-collecting town. Graduates of the workshop acted in his first feature film, The Mountain Thief. The film had a hugely successful film festival run and has won the SPECIAL JURY PRIZE at the 2010 San Francisco International Asian-American Film Festival, The PRIX DU PUBLIC (Audience Award) at CciIFF, France and the GEORGE C. LIN EMERGING FILMMAKER AWARD in Washington DC.It also has been selected to play in more than 20 International Film Festivals. In 2011, he founded THE MOUNT HOPE PROJECT Inc. a non-profit with a mission of using films and the arts to make a direct impact on lives—and through the film and MOUNt HOPE, children of the scavenger -actors will go to school on scholarships, starting on June, 2012. The program is all the way to college to give the children options outside of scavenging fir trash. The Solar Champion is a continuation of his work.
Written and Credit to Susan Hu
( the bio are credit to Susan , Erin, Paul, Gerry, Luis, Janice)

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