{February 29, 2012}   21 Jump Street my movie review !

This is my screening ticket for the movie 🙂 !

21 Jump Street is full with the sensible adult humor kind of movie, all over all it was  a good movie to see from the scale of 1 being the crap and 10 being excellent, this movie I give it 6 ½.  The reason being the plot was very throughout  out but with the climax of the movie development is just starts out slow and then toward the middle of the movie  it picks up.

  •      ******WARNING! This content will have some spoilers .  **************

The movie opens with high school students being bullies by the popular kids and as the story developed both Schmidt and Jenko meet yet at again at the police force school as the result they become friends and help each other  studies and get through the police academies exams .

After they both pass the police academies test and went out to the work force field as their first assignment they were given the task of  strolling in a park and they were not to excited about the job at first because they were not making any arrest, but as they strolled through the park with their eyes open Schmidt and Jenko saw a drug dealers were using cocaine as Schmidt and Jenko proceeded to chase them down and successfully hand cuff one of the drug dealers, the other drug dealer that Schmidt had catch ran away, after the first attempt arrest was made both and Jenko were back at the police chief office, their case was drooped simply because the rookies officers (Schmidt and Jenko ) both did not know their mores office code of law conduct. After   that the police chief gave them another assignment and send them to another location to be once again high school students but this time they be playing the under cover polices to bust a new and popular drug before it went viral to the high school and before it spread to other high school.

The kid who plays Schmidt character which plays by the Jonah Hill, later in the movie he goes by the name of Doug, as a student at high   school but what the students does not know that is he is   an under cover cop in an all drug out high school, as his partner Jenko which plays by Channing Tatum, later in the movie he became Brad as his school name also an under cover cop, which no one in the high school knows either.

Doug and Brad almost get expelled from the first day of school by being cool and Brad punches a guy down and later finds out that he is among the sensible topic of using the word “gay” and “black” all in one sense.  The principal of the school warns them if they get called into the office again they will be expelled from the school. Being they were in the principle office and he asked which student (Schmidt or Jenko) were Doug and which one was Brad, so they were mixing up the character in the office, the person who plays Doug now was Brad, so they had to switches classes with each other and take the exact opposite courses which neither one has any knowledge about.

to crack the case Brad was in the Chemistry class which he has no interest in and Doug which was in acting and theater classes which also he has no interest in, now remember the both character has switches places at the principal office as the result they both went on to precedes the classes to crack the case on whom is the head dealer and supplier of the popular drug.

The movie went on and on at the end they learned that the guy with the pinenita is the key to the supplier of the drug that the kids were using at this popular high school.

Toward the end of the movie they finally cracked the case at prom with having a tough guy meeting the drug dealers as well as they finally learned the two high school students were under cover cops at the schools were just regular students at that high school, but the end of the it was the…

  •  *****************               MAJOR SPOILER ALERT BELOW !!!!!!!!********************

(Principal was the supplier of the drug to the students to make some money on the side)

  • Side note, Johnny Deep was one under cop from jump 21 in the movie  but it was revealed at the end of the movie b4 a crucial scene.

That is my take on the movie of 21 Jump Street

(The movie). All over all it was good, but don’t take my words for it goes see the movie if you would like.

Written and Credit to Susan Hu

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