{February 11, 2012}   Breaking Shocking news Whitney Houston had just pass away !

WHAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You got to be kidding me…  right Whitney Houston had just died, she was 48.  Her publicist, Kristen Forster has just said that the singer has died but with an unknown location of her death was also unknown.

Rumors has it , she was in her hotel room getting ready for Clive Davis‘s Pre Grammy Party , just after few minutes later her bodyguard had found her dead laying on the floor according to inside source. Clive Davis end up canceled the party .

Strangely, her death falls on the eve biggest music night the Grammy Award, how creepy is that .She was one of the biggest selling artist from around the 1980s to the late 1990s. Not only that she was in couple different other movies including “ The Bodyguard” and” ” Waiting to Exhale”.

Update News:  Apparently, she was found dead just hours before the Clive Davis’s Pre Grammy party in Beverly l Hotel , according to inside source she has drawn in the bathtub where her bodyguard had discover her body but cause of the death some of the sources think it might be perceptions related, cause of death still unknown weather or not perceptions drug was the blame  for the cause of her death.

Written and Credit to Susan Hu

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