{January 8, 2012}   Quick and Easy healthy meal to make starts here

It’s only 8 days into 2012, and whom ever decided its time to start eating healthy and losing the extra pound from the Holiday seasons it’s not to late, well here a healthy choice of a solution.

Create a healthy choice snacks or meal for lunch or dinner with a plate of just veggies and fruit of your own choice. In this example plate my choice of fruit is the apple, a bit sweet and savory with the cheese and as for the satisfied crunch that is much-needed then we move on the protein part of the meal, which is scramble egg with 2 cube of melted cheese, and last but not least have the two choice of veggies green pepper and baby carrots are my ultimate favorite to end with have a fresh pallet feel at the end of your meal top it of with humus for dipping. For those who have not try humus its delicious with any veggies or simply use as a spread on a piece of bread, or any dressing of your choice for this matter.


Its simple made easy meal give and takes about 5 to 10 minutes to prepare and great meal to pack for a busy person on the go or simply for somebody who is looking to eat healthier starting 2012.Whatever adventure your day brings this sure will keep you fully energized   and feel less tried at the of the day.

my version of a healthy lunch

Written and Credit to Susan Hu

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I appreciate your submission, previously interesting and compelling. I have found my way here through Google, I shall return another time 🙂

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