{December 7, 2011}   Alec Baldwin gets obsessive with the game Word W Friends and get kicked off a plane


It’s this necessary with Alec Baldwin to make a fool out yourself and get kicked off a plane by playing a game on the plane and being obsessive with the game of Word W Friends and calling the fight attendant different names simply because you can’t get your way. As a statement from Mr. Baldwin himself according to a flight crew “ He was willing to leave a plan for it “ that’s how much he loves the game Word W Friends.

WOW! I am speechless, it’s this what comes down to Alec really you have to be kidding me! Just to show you some of the celebrity gets treated just like everyone else, way to go American Airline this is how should it be, not to be bashing about celebrity life, but just because you are a celebrity it does not make you special, especially you are on a regular fight Alec then obey the rules other wise take a private jet!.



Written and Credit to Susan Hu

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