{October 30, 2011}   My movie review about IN TIME starting Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried

In time starting with the actor, singer Justin Timberlake play as Will Salas in the movie trying to help his people in the village to stay alive as long they can, with that being said, his partner in crime played by the co start  name Amanda Seyfried in the movie she goes by Sylvia Wise.

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As Will promised his mother play by Olivia Wide as her role in the movie goes by Rachel Salas they will celebrate her birthday together but since she is racing against the time, she can’t seems to beat the clock to meet  up with Will  and in time to celebrate her birthday, as she races against the time she finds it more and more difficult to reach Will, all in all at the end she saw the last of Will in just seconds when they both ran to one another and she felt right into Will’s arm when the clock reaches 0:00, all because she could not afford the time to take the bus that will cost her extra time which she does not have .


Will, and Sylvia makes a great team trying to keep everyone alive and racing against the clock trying to beat out time after time, by minutes , seconds, and even down to the milliseconds not have any one go dead when they turn their clock turn  0:00 as their life time is up.


This movie is full of action and will keep you on the edge of your seat at all times no matter which corners of your eyes you turn there are action packed everywhere, not only that the team duo of Will and Sylvia fighting against her own father having robbing every body’s life time and net worth by raising prices and holding trades all the world with his self own company called Weis.


As the team duo of Will and Sylvia tried to keep themselves alive by given one another time , no matter is one day, one hour, one minute all adds up to what they needed to concur the fight at the end to save ever one in the world and as she let in a little secret to Will  that her father kept a time capsule that worth of one million years that he plans to kept to himself, but moral of the story is that the team duo Will and Sylvia had successful concur the power and steal the one million years of time and given that to everybody in his own village to save everyone  so they don’t end dead at the end when their clock runs out at 0:00 in review of this movie I would highly recommend for the viewers to go see  if you are into action pack thriller movie , you will not want to want to walk away from it and would want to stay watching till the end.

Sound Clips of the movie IN TIME !


Written and Credit to Susan Hu


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