{October 21, 2011}   Celebrity Khuraira celebrates her own make up line called Khuraira


This make up line is by a Celebrity make up artist her name is Khuraira; this is also her make up lined called Khuraira.


This brand of make up will make you look flawless and beautiful at the same time, not only that they have been feature on some of the world biggest TV shows such as access Hollywood, TLC life Unscripted, Extra, Star, InStyle magazine, OK magazine just to name a few places.


No matter how beautiful you look and woman are always searching for the natural look of make up to apply on their face well than listen up all the beautiful woman out there. I know there is just one kind of make up will make your skin shines like no other make up can do.


Now, let me tell you this line of product do wonder for your skin. Personally, I have a sensitive skin and after couple uses of the Khuraira product my skin never felt the same, after you apply the make up on its air light and you don’t feel like you have applied a whole make up case on your face, it’s so light that I don’t even feel I have make up on.


Top it off not only to the celebration breast cancer month what better way to kick off the even of Khuraira having feature some of their cosmetic product line to their fans and shows the fans how to have a beautiful looking winter skin with a beautiful winter trends make over session at the Trump SoHo hotel on Oct 18th, 2011.


Thank you to my make up artist for the night Julie for doing a wonderful job putting some of the lovely Khuraira make up on me as well as gave me an airbrush glow to pump up my natural look not only that I felt more beautiful that night then ever.


So Thank you Khuraira for the wonderful make over session as well as given us a free sample of Khuraira Make up to take home with  that you have provided for your fans at the Trump SoHo hotel.

To buy their product please visit their home site at

* the before picture

*The After picture


* My make up artist for the light Julie with me in full Khuraira make up

* My friends and I with the Celebrity Khuraira herself after the make over


Written and Credit to Susan Hu


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