{October 15, 2011}   Scream Award show for Harry Potter tribute sent off party live taping show fans was in for a surprise !

* Picture   taken  and fully credit goes to Lynne Klosowski

* Video at the end of the blog !

Spike TV and 1iota had gear up for the Scream Award show set to air on Spike channel on October 18th, 2011 at 10/9 central time.

This event was free thanks to 1iota for giving many fans the unforgettable experiences of the lifetime to see the character Harry Potter himself Daniel Radcliffe and another special gust of honor presenting the award to Daniel is none other Samuel L Jackson at the New York’s Lincoln Center where they had film a very special segments on horning a special Harry Potter tribute that will be airing on Scream Awards on Spike TV on October 18, 2011.

Many fans dress up as their favorite character for this Harry Potter scream award tribute, which let to an interesting night of screaming fans saying “ When I say Harry, you say Potter” all night long, with the non stop reenactments of the scenes from the movies sequels, and have a I have few personal favorite parts of the reenactments, but I am not going to say which one I love the most simply because I don’t want to single out any reenactments pre show, now that won’t be fair won’t it. You just have to be there last night to see it.

After all was ended, many of the fans gather around to take picture as if we all are one big family and getting to know one another and making friends at the same time, all in all everyone was at the Scream award Harry Potter sent off party for scream award show can safely say they have enjoyed themselves for the night.

* if you were at the live taping show please feel free to share your story, pictures and experience with us at Wtvntworks, as well as any Harry Potter fans  feel to come join this group called Scream for Potter here are the link and share your pictures and stories with the fans .


* Video clip of Samuel L Jackson introduce Daniel Radcliffe *



* here are some of the Harry Potter fans dress up for the Scream Award show , Picture are taken me

( Susan Hu)

Written and Credit to Susan Hu

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