{October 6, 2011}   Steve Jobs Co-founder of Apple has past away :( !

Steve Jobs Co-founder of Apple has just pass away this Wednesday

October 5ths, 2011 to battle of rare form of pancreatic cancer he was 56.


Steve was a great inspiration to all of us and have contribute many great new technology gadgets to our modern new high tech world that we lives in, now days almost every body have an Iphone, Ipad, Itouch Mack book , Mack book pro , or the newest  toy came out on the market and it was  just a day before his passing,  the new Iphone 4S, sadly he wont be with us to celebrate the new Iphone 5 kick off next year.


Not only that Steve have change many people lives by showing us all the different new applications that comes on our new cool high tech toys, this was his great accomplishment, he will be miss by all of us. RIP Steve Jobs.

Written and Credit to Susan Hu


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