{September 28, 2011}   Its Jessica Simpsons and Eric Johnson expecting their 1st child ?


The lovable well known singer Jessica Simpson have yet to confirmed if she is pregnant with Eric Johnson’s baby, allegations came about after Jessica have been engaged to Eric . Now the rumors have starting to become the truth as  it was reveal on LA( Los Angeles)  #1 station 102.7 KIIS FM .

 This morning by the sleaze queen her self Ellen K also reveled Jessica have the strangest food craving such as nacho chips dipped in a chocolate, because its helps her  to get over the urge for salty and sweet snacks also it satisfy her not only that Jessica enjoyed cheese flavored popcorn and margaritas (non alcoholic) not only that  she can’t seems to handle tequila anymore.

 The truth of the matter is pointing in the right directions as many of her close inside source friends and pals have reveal what Jessica would love  to have as a wedding gift as quoted from her close pal “ Jessica and Eric consider having a baby to be the best wedding gift ever, and rumors has it the baby is due in early spring of 2012 which Jessica and Eric are looking forward to next year.

Written and Credit to Susan Hu

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