{September 9, 2011}   FreeSol and Justin Timberlake puts on a free show for their fans last week in NYC !

Freesol and Justin Timberlake has surprised their fans for the last two days especially on 8/31/11 show was at the Southern Hospitality BBQ with a special edition concert for the fans and exclusives solo performances some of the loveable songs such as Like I love you, What comes around goes around.  The show was absolutely out of the world with, all the fans could not be happier.

* Concert footage at the bottom of the page ! **

Not only that the new band coming in to the music scenes are the new comers band

Called “ FreeSol” the talented group rocked the show with Justin and Freesol gains many of the loveable fans as a result.  Their newly single hit featuring Justin called Hoodies on the Hats low is now on Itues.

On 901 (9/1/11) Freesol and Justin Timberlake was once again doing a free to help celebrate 901 Silver Volk the alcohol brand 901 Silver came from the zip code in Memphis, Tennessee where Justin has come from so he named his brand of Volk drink 901. To celebrated the month of September what better way to kick off the moth with a free show that was put on by the incredible Freesol and Justin Timberlake himself, again they both sang the duet of their popular hit song Role Model as well as Justin did some of his classic solo acoustics performances of couple of his hit single solo songs from Future Love sex sound and Justified album.

All in all it was a great fun night filled with excited fans at Irvin Plaza that the lucky 500 fans had witness the free show that Freesol and Justin Timberlake had on a great show for the fans to see. Unfortunately, the venue was not big enough for every fans that came out to support the bands and over 10 thousands fans has lineup for the free show that night at Irvin Plaza.  It was a great show I must say !

* Justin Timberlake and Freeosol performs at Southern Hospitality BBQ ! footage !

written and credit to Susan Hu


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