{August 29, 2011}   VMA High lights of 2011

The Video Music Award of 2011 was an exciting show all over all, nerveless this year is different simply because the show ran its first time without a host, personally I was digging the idea of that, it seems to run more smoothly than before.

* Video footage of celebrity interview at the end of the page !

Some of the high lights of the nights are when Lady Gaga came out dresses like a man look, that was totally out of sane, none of the public was expecting that at all, not only she did a great job protrudes as a male but also act like she wanted to be the host of the show making jokes like if she was the host, there were going to be an opening entrance with a big affects when she came out from the back.


Some of the big winner are, the pop song goes to the talented none other than Britney Spears not only that Lady Gaga also did a tribute to her, it was an awkard moments when Lady Gaga tries to kiss Britney Spears and recreating the act of VMA 2003 when Madonna kissed Britney on stage.


Another exciting news of all that Beyonce officially announced to the public she has been pregnant and due to that exciting news, everyone was super excited to see her performances on stage, after following her performances, she revels her baby bumps to the whole world and the camera went strait to Jay Z reaction seems to be beyond excited down by the stage and sharing the great news with world.


Then follow by an astonishing tribute to Amy Winehouse from Tony Bennett showing his upcoming album II duets that she had record with him before her death just last month, and after followed by performances by Bruno Mars with a mellow tune for the evening.


The show ends with the great note on the video of the year, which was won by Katy Perry with the song Fireworks. But not only that Lil Wayne was dropping his album right at midnight, and him end the performances with lot of beeps out of the words in which to the audience at home we were not understanding what he was even singing what a way to end a great show with the a bad act of with his pants half way hanging out and seeing his draws and with that it end on the bad performances in my opinion.

* Footage of Celebrity Red Carpet Interview at the VMA !



Written and Credit to Susan Hu


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