{August 21, 2011}   Kim Kardashian had just wed Kris Humphries Surprise Surprise !


Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries has finally married on Saturday August 20, 2011, the wedding was held at their private property estate in Montecito, California in celebrations under the a really intimate and private closed 440 members of family and friends watching this so called royal weddings that were copied from the Prince William and Kate Middleton ‘s wedding back in June.


Kim ‘s wedding dress, and gown was by Vera Wang, as if is was not enough Kris wore a real fancy and peak lapel tuxedo jacket with classic twist of the black tuxedo pants by Eremegildo Zegna , all in all their fancy wedding was  capture by the E ! Networks where the tentative dated of release of that episode are still unknown.


The question is does Kim really love Kris Humphries or there these just for the hype for the show of keeping up with the Kardashian, well we shall see about that if this was real love or just made for reality TV?

** Vent REALLY NOW !!  Personally I think is a play up for the show ! ( Its a private wedding , then why was the camera there any how ?… Seriously.. I think the family is just a bunch slacks whom try to play out as oh we have to do everything in front of the camera or else they can’t live their life.

I mean come on ! this is a special day for Kim and Kris, if was them I sure won’t want any camera slamming around me and act liked all doll up for the show, gezzshh.. get a grip Kim, if you really does love Kris then you won’t put him through that,

( well If I was you , I sure won’t put my hubby through that , just a through !

Basically, from the views of it in order for the show to keep having an interesting episode the network is smash up the difference options to keep the show running for viewers to stay interested in the family of Keep up with the Kardashian, not only that what other event will be coming their way?

Another baby, perhaps a break up between another Kardashian sister’s marriages? We shall see what the network comes up with it to make the show interesting and still stay on top of the E! Network shows of Reality TV. There you have it folks !


Written and Credit to Susan Hu


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