{August 17, 2011}   AMIGO comes out Friday August 19ths in Theater ! Produce by John Sayles !


John Sayles is a well known Hollywood director has direct and feature many hit movies on the big screen such as Silver City, Sunshine State, Limbo, Men with Guns, Long Star just to name a few total up to date he has 17 movies hits on the movie screens as well as few of the screen plays not only that John has a TV show serious called Scar Tissues this was based on a book written by Anthony Kiedis it was a best selling book in 2004, John had taken the content makes it short HBO TV show out of it.

** Press Conference footage at the end of the page ! ~

Now that John has a new movie out in theater August 19th, 2011 the feature film called AMIGO, all the scenes were shot in the Philippines as John explain it at the press conference from planning the rice to the recreation of the war each of the steps were carefully planned out by John and his team of actor and actress.


This movie is based on a Philippine American war that had taken around the time period of the

19th -20th century, this film was based on the true story and how the Philippines slowing gaining their own Independence against the Americans.


This movie will truly let the people know what are the sacrifices both American and the Philippines solider went through at the time not only that what are the effect to the Philippines as country and as a nation today. It’s a un forgettable feeling how much suffer people went through vs today, living in this country being so lucky and we have the freedom to do almost anything we wanted as American citizen. Not only that  each every one of us should thank our solider for what they for keeping us safe.


At AMIGO  Press conference with John Sayles  footage !



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