{August 10, 2011}   The Historian Paradox ~ Great short movie Audience choice award for Big Island film festival 2011

* Picture Credit to The Historian Paradox Facebook Page


* Please go see the movie and support my friend  J Michael  Briggs ! Thanks !

For those who like mystery movie with a little sci-fi feel, The Historian Paradox is an exciting action thriller movie that will keep viewers up on the edge of their seats and not only that it’s a thriller that will keep the viewers guessing what their tasks are. As quoted from the movie Paradox means a situation or event that contradicts itself.

They try to live as a normal life as possible and not interferes with their job, at the same time their tasks are done very secretly on their smart phone devices without any one notices, they are on a mission to save a young woman her name is Valerie as well as the people in the city of Los Angeles from the terrorist with that being said. Valerie had been in a car accident in the past, Simiel was part of the team of expert trying to save the mission had reorganized Valerie, now this leads him to protect her from getting harms from this combat mission. Not only that he was very secretly in love with her at the same time Simiel cannot discrete his job and told her he worked for the government.

J Michael Briggs plays as Nick in the movie, have an important role also to help complete the combat mission to save the city and the people of Los Angeles, not only that he always knows the right answer when his team members ask him for help, he also told Simiel to keep on task and reminds him that he has an important mission to accomplish.

Being the plot of the movie is trying to save the city of Los Angeles from getting chemical bomb by terrorist, at the same time the team try to save the people that are living in Los Angeles and not only that, the team of expert trying to figure out who are behind in all and trying to destroy Los Angeles. This ending left the viewers that wanting more of the story, but at the end  they  not only have accomplished their task but did they save Valerie?

Viewers just have to watch it when it comes out at the Film festival national wide soon !


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