{August 1, 2011}   NKOTBSB ~ Incredible show !

NKOTBSB (New Kids On The Block, Backstreet boys) had shared one stage for one night show in Hershey, Pennsylvania, on July 30th, 2011. They sang some old and familiar songs as well as their combine group duets songs such as Don’t Turn the lights out, not only that both bands mash up two group favorites and made insane melody songs that no other two bands came up with.

* View Video concert footage taken by Me at the end of the post *

Not only the heat was brutal during the concert to the boys of NKOTBSB as quoted from one member “ this is their hottest show they have perform in that they might melt at jus a warning to the fans”, but all in all not one member of NKOTBSB and crews showed their incansable spirit to the audiences.


As that was not enough, both NKOTBSB boys went down by the stage and mingle with their fans and during several of their songs, and one point during the show when it was BSB turn to sing their oldies song

I’ll Never Break Your Heart,” the boy pulls up few lucky random fans on stage where they melt their hearts for 3 minutes, and made their night worthwhile.


NKOTBSB had put on out this world show, and sang their hearts out for their die-hard fans. NKOTB fans waited 20 years for this show as well as BSB fans waited for 18 years. As I spoke too many of the fans, they all quoted “ Must see show of the year, and not only that its two generation age gaps combine under one roof.


Video concert Footage !




Credit and written to Susan Hu, all footage taken by me, so please give me credit if you are going to use my work . Thanks !




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