{July 21, 2011}   Mila Kuins ignores fans at the Friend With Benefits Premiere and think she to good for them .

Most people  would think Mila Kunis are beautiful  being very comfortable in their own ways showing off their body as an  affection for the movie Friend with Benefits, certainly not in this case, she has admitted to Ryan Secret that she used a body double for the naked butt scenes. As that is not enough Mila has disappointed me in many ways and  with personally experiences having been in the FWB Premiere monday seeing with my own eyes how she treated her fans .

The biggest disappointed are she tried to ignore her fans and laugh at her fans when they told her that they love Justin more , who were there to support her, where as she could have done was saying thank you for those who supported her.


Not only that she ignores many of the fans at the Friend with Benefits Premiers on Monday July 18th in New York City, as all the fan awaits in line to support her as an actress,  she did not even acknowledge the press was being there filming the crows and having the excitements of seeing her, she just went out  on her limo and ran across the street  blows off the fans that were calling her name trying to get a glimpse  of her as well as having to sign autographs for them.


If was not for Justin Timberlake in this movie Friend with Benefits, Mila would flops down to the bottom because of her attitudes, many sources have given their opinions on  how fake she is, just as slightly example, she don’t give a real smile, only gave a half slightly fake smile to make the public seems she is enjoying the spot light but its that the real truth?Guess not, she does not wanted to be all in the spotlight quoted by an inside source.


Mila acts like she is all that actress, and given the slight advantage of being in the public eye and as role model for many fans out there, is that how she wants to pro-trades herself images as “I’m am all that girl” to teach the fans as no matter what you all say to me, fame got the best in me. Simply, because her snotty attitudes, toward the fan makes me want to gagged.

Written and Credit to Susan Hu


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