{July 6, 2011}   Casey Anthony Founded NOT guilty.

WOW ! REALLY can we say that again Casey Anthony founded not guilty on Tuesday July 5, 2011 in Florida of the crime she had killed her 2 years old daughter, upon three years ago in a national television that her family reported the little girl was missing from their home.


*** Vent COME ON .. how can you be a heartless person to not have any emotions toward your own flush and blood child. Um then you should not even have one at the 1st place. 

All in all Anthony ‘s lawyer Jose Baez have convince the verdict that she was free from speculations and crimes that she had supposed committed the first degree of murder, if she had founded guilty they verdict had decided the punishment was a death penalty, but now she escape the death road for now.

* **Vent. Oh man what have our country comes down to.. we reward those who done wrong and still get away with the heaviest crime of all MURDER  !. America have some heart and let this person get some justices. 

The judge has decided to charge Anthony only four counts of lying to the investigators when they were looking for evidence back in June of 2008 with the disappear Caylee, her daughter. After six months later her body was founded near the woods close by her home, later the medical examiner could never found the cause of death.

**Vent.. Seriously? where do you get your law degree judges ? how can you pass this heartless person found them not guilty. SHAME ON YOU GUYS !!… Should do your homework and dig deeper to this case, instead of letting her go just like that.  NOT VERY PLEASES about that ! 


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