{July 4, 2011}   Bad Service at Penn Station in NYC at a Taco Bell/ KFC restaurant

When is the last time we all have a problem with a fast food place really with NO LINE!! The food takes about 15-20 minutes REALLY!.. Taco Bell and KFC I am  very disappointed in your services.

Let’s think about what is wrong with this picture. I was at the Penn Station in NYC waiting patiently for my food that I’ve have order which was 2 snackers from KFC, and yet there were hardly anybody in line with 1 cashier on hand and 2 worker in the back 1 was in charges of KFC area another was in charge of Taco Bell it was a join venue situation.

I was being very patiently still waiting after 10 minutes, after that it’s a bit ridiculous that the clerk asks me to wait another 5 minutes, this is when I started getting really impatient .

(vent).. Yes I am going to act like im a bitch now.. Just a warning. so I ask to speak with the manager by the time I spoke with the manager my food was not even ready. It took them 25 minutes to give me 2 snackers .. Umm yea.. Who will not bitch at that point?  Unbelievable I KNOW!.

Not only that after I spoke with the manager, oh lovely, manager on hand was a douche bag. Will not give my money back and that clerk of theirs just will not shut up and trying to say WAS MY FAULT WTF really?

When I told him I waited for  2 snackers over 25 minutes so did other customers, now I was getting really bitchy and says if was you today standing here  waited at your meal after 25 minutes later what would you do? He told me the same he would wanted to speak with a manager.. BINGO!!

Wow, nice to know the douche bag manager after 5 minutes of pulling and tug trying to get money back for my meal. Finally he gave me the money back.. REALLY do you have to be that dumb to figure that one out why all the customers were very unhappy with your services that day! What about the customer always right rule?  And yet you are showing the bad example to your employees on how to treat your customers..  I THINK YOU SHOULD BE FIRE douche bag manager!! I ‘ll never will go back to that Taco Bell/ KFC area as long as I am at Penn station!.


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