{June 30, 2011}   Season 4 at the Premiere of TV show Damages with exclusive footage

Once again Thank you Sony Entertainment for the special screening and a première season 4 of the TV show on Direct TV called Damages.  When heading in the theater was jam packed with on hand press and media as well as few lucky fans went into screening to see the part 1 of season 4 exclusive TV show Damages.


I’ve never saw the show Damages now honestly I am hooked and the show was base off a case from a company called High Point Gleen Rose played the role of Patty Hewes on Damages did an excellent job, not only she pretrial the character well as the playing a high role powerhouse of the infuriate   team of finding out what have the High Point have done to their three men were killed on the combat mission on a duties.


Rose Byrne played character role of Ellen Parsons which she also try to take the company of High Point into a lawsuit knowing High Points are hiding the family from the truth from the case of three man was killed on duties, and left the family questions what all went down when they were on this mysterious mission


Whether or not the case was successfully solved we all just have to watch the TV Show, they left the audiences wanted more  after the screening, all in all with this mystery of three men’s kill at their duties, High Point never gave a clear answers to the real truth what will happened next we just have to all watch the TV show Damages


** For Press Conferences footage click below


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Extra Bonus


*Me and Lance Bass of Nsync                     * Cast of Damages

Written and Credit to Susan Hu


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