{June 24, 2011}   My review of pre- screening of Bad Teacher * Warning the content contains Spoiler material * Read at your own risk !

Thank you to Sony Entertainment for giving us a chance to pre screens the movie Bad Teacher due out in Theater June 24, 2011.

Bad Teacher starting Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake, and Jason Segel was a feel good adult humor movie; definable is not a movie for children, simply because the language content is not suitable for any children under of the age of 18.

Warning! This Movie Review have contains some Spoiler, please DO NOT READ ON if you do not wish to know any spoilers, but if you its on your own risk! *


In the movie of Bad Teacher Cameron Diaz plays the character name role of Elizabeth Halsey, which her husband to be ended their long term relationship and left her by herself, in the movie which she plays as Teacher and setting a bad example for children in the class by putting on an act every day coming to school. While the first couple months of the class, all she does is showing   video as her class material, not only that their class was having a 7th grade car wash event which was in charge by Amy, but this time the feisty smart girl Elizabeth went and stole the role of playing the chaperone and took over the charity event, which leads to a hot sexy car wash shocking scenes, make it even funnier.

Elizabeth’s worst enemy Amy another teacher of all across the hall way is always watching her every slick moves as well as spying on her action and trying to  get Elizabeth in trouble all the time with the principal.

As such the fine talented singer, actor Just Timberlake comes in the role-play as Scott the substitute teacher for the school and find himself loving both woman Amy and Elizabeth, but at the end Scott chosen Amy as his girlfriend. All in all Elizabeth was envious of that, and trying to make it up for it by going to the plastic surgeon and wanted a bigger boobies or as in the movie called the tits.


Not only that Amy was also envious that the principal playing up favorite to Elizabeth simply because he knows what Elizabeth knows about him as well as what he likes


Sure enough Elizabeth took a revenge and get back at Amy for the class going on a Spring field trip (not going to tell you what Elizabeth did to Amy) that makes Amy cannot go to the class field trip with her boyfriend Scott. 

As if Elizabeth has done all the right things to get the top spot and earn herself a bonus check of… ( $) not going to tell the viewers how much she actually earns.

(Go see the movie) which makes Amy even madder because why.

 (Go see the movie)

In creditable sex scenes of Scott with Elizabeth that happened at the field trip in the bed room of a hotel that left Amy speechless when Elizabeth the evil side of her decided to call her and left it as. (See the movie)  anyhow, this left Amy gets even pissed off at Elizabeth, without a hesitation Amy decided to do the unthinkable and switch …

(Go see the movie) and try to get Elizabeth fire and into jail.  But the entire movie they, investigates and come out with the truth of did Elizabeth cheats to get to the top score for her students or did she not cheat? 

(Go see the movie).

 Not only she had done herself well by proof to the whole entire school boards she is innocent and at the end who was the one got caught with drug and trying to claim was not theirs, that is what you get for trying to get back at your enemy.

However, did Elizabeth get boobies job (aka tits) done?

What kind of the relationships was she looking for and as far as that did she end up with Scott or end up

 with the other teacher want to find out then better go watch the movie due out in theater on June 24, 2011.


Written and Credit to Susan Hu


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