{June 2, 2011}   Shaq announces his retirement on Twitter to his followers and fans !

** Picture provided by Shaq himself on the twitter video **

For all the basketball fans out there, who are fans of Shaquille O’ Neal aka he goes by    Shaq, and today is a sad day especially for the Boston Celtics basketball fans to find out that Shaq twitted and broadcast himself he is ready for retirement from National Basketball Association.

Wow! Instead of coming out to the media out let sources to confirm his retirement example like he use twitter to tell his follower after the 19 seasons and four NBA titles he finally is going to take time off  for himself, but the most powerful tool now to our pop culture world is use social media to spread the words can we say that is crazy!

Which Shaq himself have a little over 3.8 million followers on twitter and he keep it very simple as just two words of “ im retiring “ and he linked the video message to his fans by using an iPhone apps that allows users to sent a short form of video to their friends and family but in this case is his fans, now come to find out  #ShaqRetires , has become the most trending topic on twitter.

Incase anyone wants to know his twitter sn is @Shaq.

As we can see that social media has become one of the most powerful tool to spread the news instead of going mainstream on TV or even media outlets.

Written and Credit to Susan Hu



freesoft says:

Thank you..really informative!!

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