{June 2, 2011}   Self Expression of the True Raw emotion at a work Place dealing with Unfair treatments !!


OK ! Here we go, here is my side of twist and turn blog ! Warning is a real life situation I’ll be Vent about..


 Have any one experience the unfairness or being treated the wrongly way at a work place, well, 
if so this is the place for all you to vent on my blog comments, feel free to just let it out,  
there is no right or wrong answer ,and truly express your own feelings, so let  
it out and yell out to the world , hey look even through if one person 
just stands up for everybody, we can make a difference.  

In this "getting your raw emotion inside you  " sorta of way 
I like to call it out instead of saying the word " bitching" , well guess what I am getting into
 are in this world there are clearly unfairly treatment at every work place, but where I used to work, 
seriously I've never seen anything like it so here we go " my raw true emotion" is coming out of me 

                           WARING !! 

         could be good or bad, its all you view to judge on ! 

!st here is the little raw monster inside screaming out to help my peers and friends so read on .. blow.  
follow by a YouTube Video . Oh yes ! The Monster inside me just screams out to help my fellows friends , 
no more suffering from the Mutl- Million Dollars corporation that sucks up all our blood 
and looking us like we their "Vampire" workers what I  mean by that is working from sun goes up to sun goes down .
 Umm Interesting right ? well see for yourself  

This side is to let people aware of the things TYCO aka TE Connectivity company treat their employees, Kelly Temps , 
UNFAIR, all that is true base on personal experiences. . 
Please pass this around and let people aware of it thanks you

Youtube Video Link Click Here below !!


Written and Credit To Susan Hu

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