{May 30, 2011}   Welcome to My Adventure Page

Welcome to My Adventure  page !

This blog site fans will experiences the unexpected twist and turn of different style side of me and I shall take you all into a world of adventure no one will knows what I will post next or where I will be next, Stay Tune !

I would like to take my fans to an exciting adventure journey they never been through , you may think of its like a roller coaster ride for example : Ideas like I may post and  talk about food experience  and services I had in a restaurant

you never know what I will talk or even rant about ! So Watch out world, this adventure queen is coming for you.   and as well as up to date of celebrity news that are posted from my other blog site at

Keep your eyes and ears Lock down to this site fans , the fast paced life style you all about to enter on your own risk don’t say I did not warn you what I’ve about to post, it could be good, bad and ugly side of the ride so, hang on tight and Enjoy the ride  !

See you all the Entrance muahhhh !!!!!!!!

THERE IS NO TURN BACK OR  EXIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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